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    Market leading expertise in core technical applications of nonwovens, membranes, films, foils, technical papers, extruded netting, technical textiles, foams, Hydrocolloids, Hydrogels, Alginates, and nanofiber materials.


Boyd Technologies is NSAI Certified

Technologies & Applications

We work with composites, extruded nets, films, foams, foils, membranes, nonwovens, technical papers, and technical textiles. These flexible materials are used in technical applications across the medical, electrical, and consumer markets. Our core technologies and developments are in biopharmaceutical filtration, advanced wound care, and power storage and delivery products and applications.

Biopharmaceutical Filtration

- Membrane Substrates
- OEM Membranes (discs, sheets, rolls)
- Syringe Filters
- Spin Columns
- Capsule Filters
- Blotting Trays
- DNA Cards
- Kits
- Bioprocess Filters
- Cross Flow Filters (TFF)

Medical Membrane Devices

- Hemodialyzers
- Oxygenators
- IV Filters
- Diagnostic Strips
- Microfilters

Advanced Wound Care

- Substrates
- Biological Dressings
- Alginate Dressings
- Film Dressings
- Foam Dressings
- Hydrocolloid Dressing
- Hydrogel Dressing
- Bandage and Pressure Wrap
- Medical Disposables