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Material Sourcing

Boyd Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced flexible materials, we support our global network of partners by connecting material technologies to application requirements. Global OEM partners rely on Boyd Technologies for our expertise in advanced flexible materials. We work with composites, extruded nets, film, foams, foils, membranes, nonwovens, technical papers, and technical textiles. Our technology development pipeline is focused on the use of these flexible materials in biopharmaceutical filtration, advanced wound care, and power storage and delivery applications.


Our proprietary material sourcing website, Sourcebook™, allows you to search, compare, and sample thousands of flexible materials instantly. The Sourcebook™ sample library is filled with samples of all the materials you’ll find on the site so that samples ship direct to you, overnight, so your project can stay on track and you don’t have to wait to make a decision. Everything you need to make your flexible materials sourcing decision is now in one place. Sourcebook™ is the smart material source.

You can expand your knowledge in the Sourcebook education center with access to the latest best practices and technical developments in material science.

Use our material finder for a guided search or select any of our materials below to browse by material type.

- Composites (Coated materials, laminates, tapes)
- Extruded Nets
- Films
- Foams
- Foils
- Membranes
- Nonwovens
- Technical Papers
- Technical Textiles