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    Product Realization
    Our core material knowledge and manufacturing expertise uniquely combined to support the commercialization of new products and technologies.


Boyd Technologies is NSAI Certified

Product Realization

Global OEM partners rely on our knowledge and expertise of advanced flexible materials during the commercialization of new technologies and products. We support these commercialization efforts by guiding our partners through the specification and validation of new materials, products, and equipment. Our unique combination of material knowledge and manufacturing expertise gives our partners the leading edge during a new product launch.

Realization Services

- Material Selection & Specification
- Product Development & Specification
- Equipment Selection & Specification
- Validation & Qualification

Our experience supporting national and international product launches has earned us the industry leading reputation for innovation, reliability, and competency. Our project highlights showcase a few of our many successful partnerships.

Project Highlights

- Project Highlight Hurt Free Wrap Project
- Highlight Ready Mop Project
- Highlight Disposable Toothbrush