Linnea Morrison

Linnea is a Marketing Associate at Boyd Technologies where she is responsible for managing digital content. Linnea grew up on a sheep farm in New Zealand. In high school, she moved with her family to a goat farm in Maine. Linnea received a BA in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University. An avid outdoors person, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing and snowshoeing with her husband in the Berkshires.

3 minute read

Polymer Basics for Polycarbonates

  In Brief Polycarbonates are a group of thermoplastics polymers with Bisphenol (A) parts and carbonate groups in their chemical structure. Polycarbonates are strong,...

4 minute read

Development of Paper-Based Microfluidics Devices for Point-of-Care Testing

  In Brief Developments in the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry have been driven by global trends such as the prevalence of chronic diseases, an aging population, the...

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4 minute read

Common Material Challenges in Miniaturizing In Vitro Diagnostics

  In Brief The miniaturization of diagnostic tests comes with several unique challenges. The aim is to transform the fast turnaround time and specificity of Lab on a...

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5 minute read

Interview: Following up with Professor Charles Cooney on Bioprocessing

  In Brief We had the opportunity to sit down with Charles L. Cooney (Robert T. Haslam Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT) to discuss what he sees as being on the...

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5 Characteristics of Successful Medical Device Product Launches

  In Brief The creation of a new medical device involves many steps from initial concept to finished product. Every year billions of dollars are invested in research and...

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3 minute read

Anatomy of Films Used in Bioprocessing

  In Brief In the early days of disposable medical devices, the biopharmaceutical industry manufactured single-use films made with "off-the-shelf" materials borrowed...

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1 minute read

Webinar: MedTech Supply Chain Strategies - How to Grow Faster with Less Risk by Leveraging Your Manufacturing Partners

  In today's evolving regulatory environment, supply chain transparency is a game-changing differentiator. Collaborating with manufacturing partners who have excellent...

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3 minute read

Flexible materials: Applications in Healthcare Today

  In Brief Flexible materials combined with emerging technologies are at the forefront of healthcare innovations. Guiding recent advances are cost concerns,...

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