3 minute read

Understanding Composite Materials: Tapes

  In Brief At first thought tapes sound like a simple concept; a long, narrow piece of material that is sticky on one side and used to hold things together. However, in...

Seaching online for advanced flexible materials
5 minute read

How to Successfully Search Online for Advanced Flexible Materials

  In Brief The process of online search and discovery has become a daily part of our lives. The days of walking blindly into a shop, picking through some things, and...

5 minute read

Effectively Dual Source a Supply Chain for Advanced Flexible Materials

  In Brief In advanced flexible materials markets dual sourcing is frequently discussed and commonly required, but how well it is executed is often times a different...

Sourcing advanced flexible materials | flexible foams, flexible composites, etc.
6 minute read

5 Simple Rules to Source Advanced Flexible Materials More Effectively

  In Brief Material sourcing is a challenging task.  It is both time consuming and difficult to identify high quality vendors of advanced flexible materials - such as...

4 minute read

Understanding Composite Materials: Classifications

In Brief Composites can be a tricky material to classify and standardize because by their nature they are not very standard at all. This can be a challenge for sourcing...