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What Does the Implementation of EU-MDR Mean?

In Brief The passing of the EU Medical Device Regulations (EU-MDR) is forcing medical device manufacturers to update their clinical testing practices and reporting...

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3 minute read

Bioprocessing Single-use Technologies - A Primer

  In Brief According to BCC Research, the global single-use technology market will reach over $4.3 billion by 2021. The most significant increase will be in the highly...

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5 Characteristics of Successful Medical Device Product Launches

  In Brief The creation of a new medical device involves many steps from initial concept to finished product. Every year billions of dollars are invested in research and...

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So, is Aliphatic TPU Foam All it's Cracked Up To Be?

  In Brief Polyurethane raw materials themselves have long seen use as dressings in the medical industry, but aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane (aliphatic TPU) foams...

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Advances in Medical Fiber-Optic Technology May Improve Quality of Care

  In Brief Advances in medical fiber optics have proven useful in several areas of medical practice including urology, ophthalmology, and cardiology, to name just a few...

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Moisture Management in Wound Care: Highlighting MVTR in Transparent Film Dressings

  In Brief A wound can be described or defined in many ways: by its source, anatomical location and appearance, whether acute or chronic, by presenting symptoms, and by...

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Anatomy of Films Used in Bioprocessing

  In Brief In the early days of disposable medical devices, the biopharmaceutical industry manufactured single-use films made with "off-the-shelf" materials borrowed...

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The Top 7 Reasons Why Medical Devices Fail

  In Brief Medical device failures are typically the result of deficiencies in safety check procedures or a lack of attention to potential risks in the design process....

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