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Report Shows Medical Foams are Dominating the Wound Care Industry

  In Brief Proper wound dressings are critical to the healing process. The right dressing prevents infection and creates an environment that supports healthy healing....

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Flexible Materials Preferred in Wound Care & Closure

  In Brief In wound care management, the primary objective is complete healing. This is attained through thoughtful planning of patient care for reducing the loss of...

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New Technologies Combined with Flexible Materials Create a New E-Skin for Prosthetics

  In Brief More than two million Americans are currently living with a lost limb. The use of artificial limbs has been around for millennia, dating back to ancient...

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Technical Textiles Gaining Ground in 2018

  In Brief According to a report from Textile World, 2018 State of the U.S. Technical Textiles Industry, the outlook for technical textiles is healthy as the U.S. enters...

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Vision for the Future: Smart Contact Lenses

  Researchers are working to develop and fabricate soft, smart contact lenses by combining recent advances in wearable electronics with wireless communications. Their...

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Electrospun Nanofibers Take Technical Textiles to a New Level

  In Brief "Smart" devices, appliances, glasses, watches, clothing, and numerous other items have flooded the market in recent years. The global market for the smart...

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Biosensors Benefiting from Newly Created Protein Polymer Films

  In Brief The biosensor market is seeing tremendous growth, partly due to the aging population and the increasing number of people with diabetes and other chronic...

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Non-Absorbable Sutures, Explained

  In Brief Suturing is one of the most critical factors in a healthy recovery for surgery patients. Proper suturing is crucial for healing, infection prevention and in...

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