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EMI Gasket Materials for Medical Devices: Thin, Small, Lightweight Solutions

  In Brief Medical device designers need gasket materials that resist electromagnetic interference (EMI), provide environmental sealing, and support thin, small,...

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What's New With Nonwovens in the Medical Industry?

  In Brief The utilization of nonwoven fabrics in the medical field has outpaced woven materials in recent years. Even when traced back to their rapid adoption during...

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Ultra-Low Bleed Septa for Analytical Purity

  In Brief Ultra-low bleed septa promote analytical purity by reducing the risk of contamination. They’re made of platinum-cured silicones and free from excess...

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Flexible materials: Applications in Healthcare Today

  In Brief Flexible materials combined with emerging technologies are at the forefront of healthcare innovations. Guiding recent advances are cost concerns,...

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Report Shows Medical Foams are Dominating the Wound Care Industry

  In Brief Proper wound dressings are critical to the healing process. The right dressing prevents infection and creates an environment that supports healthy healing....

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Flexible Materials Preferred in Wound Care & Closure

  In Brief In wound care management, the primary objective is complete healing. This is attained through thoughtful planning of patient care for reducing the loss of...

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Silicone Septa: Platinum Curing and Analytical Purity

  In Brief Medical silicones for septa can be platinum-cured or peroxide-cured. Silicone septa that are platinum-cured are less likely to interact with samples and don’t...

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New Technologies Combined with Flexible Materials Create a New E-Skin for Prosthetics

  In Brief More than two million Americans are currently living with a lost limb. The use of artificial limbs has been around for millennia, dating back to ancient...

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