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Outlook for Wearables and Smart Textiles

  In Brief Advances in smart electronics have already produced a number of devices that are currently on the market. Textile manufacturers brought sensor-based smart...

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Anatomy of a Lateral Flow Test Strip

  In Brief Lateral flow test strips are simple, easy-to-use devices that can detect the presence or absence of a target analyte (chemical or substance) in a specimen...

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Auxetic Materials Offer New Options in the Medical and Life Sciences Fields

  In Brief Auxetic materials are characterized by becoming thicker perpendicular to the applied force when stretched. This is caused by the way their particular internal...

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5 Types of Flexible Composites Transforming Your Healthcare

  In Brief Simply put, a composite is a material made from two or more materials that have different properties. When combined together, the chemical and physical...

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What's the Next Step in Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria? Nanotechnology

  In Brief Over the last hundred years, antibiotics have been central to the extraordinary rate of improvement in medical technology. From swiftly curing basic...

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Technical Textiles in Bioprocessing Today

  In Brief By definition, technical textiles are materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical and performance properties rather than their aesthetic...

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Recent Innovations on Biodegradable Materials and Transient Electronics

  In Brief Transient electronics, also known as biodegradable electronics, is an emerging technology being explored across many fields and for various applications. When...

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Innovative Thin Films for Drug Delivery

  In Brief Considerations for developing a new drug delivery platform include ease of use (self-administration, convenient to swallow), route of administration (oral,...

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