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Foreign Exchange Report: Q1 2021

  In Brief Addressing trends in major currencies can help supply chain managers understand how prices of their sourced materials may change in the immediate future. This...

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Effects of Water Impurities in Laboratory Use

  Water impurities can alter the quality of results in a pharmaceutical setting. These impurities can be introduced from the water supply during the purification process...

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Water Quality and Contaminants in Laboratory Use

  Water is one of the major utilities used by the pharmaceutical industry. It is used during the production of the finished product or as a cleaning agent for rinsing...

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Why Do Medical Devices Need to Go Through Validation?

  In Brief The Contract Development and Manufacturing Market is expected to grow to $100 Billion by 2025, an 11.4% CAGR. This growth is partially fueled by the...

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Biocompatibility Testing for Surface Medical Devices: An Overview

  In Brief All medical device companies must subject their products to a volley of FDA-approved tests to establish the safety of their devices. A particular series of...

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What Does the Implementation of EU-MDR Mean?

In Brief The passing of the EU Medical Device Regulations (EU-MDR) is forcing medical device manufacturers to update their clinical testing practices and reporting...

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The Top 7 Reasons Why Medical Devices Fail

  In Brief Medical device failures are typically the result of deficiencies in safety check procedures or a lack of attention to potential risks in the design process....

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The Evolution of US Medical Device Regulation

    In Brief Medical devices are regulated according to the same legislation as food and pharmaceuticals, under the general organization of the Food and Drug...

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