Development and commercialization of novel skincare product for Remedy Skincare Line

Sourcing of unique textile material and application of two novel coatings

Successful design and validation of coating and converting processes to produce multi format final product design

Medline DriGo-HP

Skin Health

Discoveries in the prevention and treatment of skin injuries over the past decade have revealed the importance of product and ingredient selection and its impact on performance and patient satisfaction. Natural ingredients, particularly those that are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and dye-free, have become the preferred choice of caregivers. This is even more acute for patients with sensitive skin conditions. Products must be carefully formulated to meet these demands while also maintaining the high bar of performance proven through clinical evidence.  

Research also shows that nearly half of nurses feel they don’t have the right tools or training to practice proper skin care. They lack confidence and rely too much on the supervisors. A holistic solution is required, empowering frontline staff to consistently deliver evidence-based best practices for skin and wound care. Education and intuitive products reinforce the right habits, and promote better skin health decision-making, positively impacting clinical and financial outcomes.

At the Forefront of Skin Care

Launched in 2005, Medline Remedy quickly became the industry’s leading skincare brand. The product line’s formulations have been developed by leading specialists using the highest standards of ingredient selection. They are clinically proven and provided in a color-coded system to intuitively guide caregivers. This allows clinicians to use the right products, the right way, at the right time while simultaneously streamlining inventory management, training, and reducing errors. Remedy is designed to cover every level of clinical need from cradle to hospice skincare with critical applications of cleansing, moisturizing, barriers, protectants, and treatments.

Launched in 2020, DriGo-HP is Medline’s newest addition to the Remedy Skin Care line. DriGo-HP is a multifunctional skinfold moisture management solution. DriGo is designed to help reduce the risk of damage to skin and improve daily comfort. It uses patented technology to wick moisture, reduce odor, and contains encapsulated hydrogen peroxide to reduce bacterial build-up.


Building the Solution

Advanced flexible materials are a critical component across the skincare market. DriGo-HP was designed to harness the functionality of flexible materials while simultaneously achieving specific comfort criteria necessary to reduce skin irritation and damage.

This functionality required a unique textile with inherent wicking properties to be used as the substrate material. The material is then treated with two novel coatings – one of which aids in translocating moisture outside of the skinfold; the other slowly releases hydrogen peroxide, which prevents the buildup of bacteria. Once the materials and chemicals were identified and sourced, the manufacturing process and quality control had to be aligned for proper production. Cleaning validations were implemented to ensure the coating process was free of contamination between production lots.

Producing Results

After identifying raw materials, the team could focus on the final process required to manufacture the finished product in two formats. This would require two new production lines, one for the production of hand sheets and one for the production of small rolls. Each line had to be designed, installed, and the process validated before commercial production could begin.

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