Boyd Technologies Ongoing Response to COVID-19

Boyd Technologies has aggressively responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with immediate action. In response to shortages of medical equipment, we temporarily pivoted some of our activities outside of our normal business operations. To that end, Boyd Technologies has made an impact working directly with hospital systems, state and local authorities, and our commercial partners. Our focus has been to provide immediate relief by supplying both products and components for some of the most critical shortages. This includes surgical masks, N95 respirators, nasal swabs, and point of care diagnostics. We also continue to support an increase in demand from our biotechnology partners as they race to develop treatments and vaccines and work toward large-scale production.


“We stake our reputation on our ability to quickly and effectively source materials for use in medical devices. This is something of a differentiator in normal times – today, it has never been more critical. It took us less than one day to source a crucial component for face shields for Beth Israel Hospital. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to provide these solutions and proud of the work we’ve done so far.”

Matthew Boyd, CCO


As we enter May, we are cautiously optimistic that the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to subside due to the dramatic measures taken throughout the United States and the rest of the world. A great deal of health risk and economic uncertainty remains in front of us as we begin to consider what our migration into the new normal will look like. While shortages of medical equipment continue to reverberate throughout our healthcare system and into our everyday lives, we are aggressively pursuing long term and permanent solutions to these supply chain failures.


“Being an ISO 13845 and FDA registered medical device manufacturer means we’re able to utilize our existing quality system to make products that will meet rigorous standards, even once emergency use authorizations are no longer in effect. “

Dylan Spink, Senior Director of Quality and Engineering


Boyd Technologies is well-positioned to address these challenges as a medical device manufacturer explicitly focused on single-use FDA regulated devices. Nonetheless, these challenges are substantial. Many of these shortages relate to technical products that are highly engineered, heavily regulated, and part of complex global supply chains. The FDA’s emergency use authorizations facilitated a vast array of novel and innovated solutions that have and will continue to address some of our short term challenges.


Boyd Technologies has always focused on establishing commercially competitive and stable domestic supply chains for medical equipment, and we will continue to pursue that focus with great passion and intensity. We remain incredibly grateful to our front line health care workers and forever mindful of the patients they serve.


“There is no doubt that we need every manufacturer who is capable of contributing to be churning out as much PPE, parts for ventilators, and testing equipment right now, but we also need to be working with an eye on the future. As an established supplier in the medtech and biotech industries, we’re looking for long-term solutions to the supply chain so that we can mitigate this in the future.”

Stephen Boyd, President & CEO