Lisa Crossley and Cary Bullock elected to Boyd Technologies' Board of Managers

Boyd Technologies announced the election of Lisa Crossley and Cary Bullock to its Board of Managers, effective April 28, 2011. The Board, which consists of five outside directors and two managing executives, is tasked with increasing shareholder value consistent with the Company's future growth goals in the health and medical and electrical markets.

Dr. Crossley and Mr. Bullock joined the Company during its annual Strategic Planning session this past November as guest speakers. As the Company pushes growth through technical development and know-how in its core market segments, of power storage and delivery and liquid filtration, the presence of field experts such as Dr. Crossley and Mr. Bullock are highly impactful. "Our strategic planning meeting was a fascinating session this year as we had the opportunity to set goals in two very exciting growth markets for the Company," said Scott Hand the Company's Lead Director. "As we meet throughout the year to set and review our growth goals the presence of Lisa and Cary will be a tremendous addition," he continued. Biographies of the entire Board of Managers can be viewed here.

Boyd Technologies operates in the advanced materials market as a supplier of flexible substrates used in a variety of applications. The Company is concentrated on growth opportunities through technical developments of materials used in power storage and delivery devices, such as batteries, and liquid filtration applications, specifically ultra and micro filtration. "We are committed to providing advanced materials solutions for a safe, clean, healthy world," commented Stephen Boyd, President of Boyd Technologies. "Our target markets are part of the larger clean tech space which is a tremendously exciting area with enormous growth potential," he added.

Boyd Technologies is an advanced materials company that provides custom manufacturing, business services, and technology consulting solutions to the health and medical, electrical, and consumer packaged goods markets.