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Our expertise in sourcing materials is unmatched. We believe every sourcing program should be comprehensive, transparent, and efficient - with the single goal of meeting the functionality requirements of the product. That’s why we developed Sourcebook®, which is the most effective material sourcing solution for advanced flexible materials.

Comprehensive Materials Database

Sourcebook is the most extensive online library of advanced flexible materials. The database consolidates disparate, hard to find, material specification information in one easy to use location. Sourcebook is a modern material sourcing experience that is faster and more effective.

Comprehensive Materials Database

Standardized Specifications

Sourcebook data is standardized, which makes it easy to compare material specifications quickly and accurately without complicated conversions or errors. The search experience is efficient and effective so that you can find materials for your project in minutes, not days or weeks.

Standardized Specifications

Material Samples & Datasheets

The Sourcebook database is linked to a physical library of material samples. When you find a material of interest, you can simply request samples online and receive them within a few days. You can also easily download online material specifications for your records. Finding materials and receiving samples will never slow you down again.

Material Samples and Datasheets

Supplier Maps & Risk Profiles

With Sourcebook®, you can view materials geographically with our supplier maps feature. Search by material type or supplier and navigate a global map of the plant locations of every material in Sourcebook®. Drill down into each plant location to see critical geographic risk information.

Supplier Maps and Risk Profiles